Damncolt Studio

Illustration that packs a wallop!

A Collection of Adventurous Art!

My Background

comic style, digital illustration, silver age, classic comic,

Been drawing since I was a kid, and got a BFA at Columbia College. Since then I've been a photo retoucher, graphic designer, illustrator, toy designer, and comic artist. 

My Medium


My main emphasis lately has been comic-style illustration (brush/pen and ink, photoshop color), but over the years, I've worked in various media, including acrylic, oils, watercolor, airbrush. I've even done sculpture.

My Inspiration

fantasy, sword and sorcery, adventure, humorous, airbrush

It varies, depending on the subject at hand. My interests range from science fiction to ancient history, from Milton Caniff to Jackson Pollock, from Albert King to Beethoven. I once heard it said that craft seeks perfection, while art seeks expression.  I've spent most of my career working to strike a balance.